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Syntax of "What's going on at work these days that you're always on the phone?"

Huddleston & Pullum (2002) discuss this, describing it as a case where a declarative content clause functions as an adjunct in clause structure (pp. 969-970). They give the example: What has ...
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Another important distinction when considering the effects of migration

The others are correct. "Considering" means that "the effects" are considered by an entity capable of "considering", that is evaluating according to some criteria, which ...
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In headlines, how did the comma become a substitute for "and"?

The origin of the headline comma is at least decades old and not original to digital media. Headlines don't follow all the conventions of standard written sentences. They can omit articles and ...
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Usage of "go to" vs "go"

Go to can't be used with: home downtown west / east / north / south outside / inside there / back Go to is used with noun, that means uncommon places (not the cinema, not a restaurant...): go to ...
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Can "as well" follow the verb it modifies?

There is a rule that you generally should avoid putting an adverb or an adverbial phrase between the verb and its direct object. This is why, for example, *to include as well the city of Krasnoy, ...
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