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"In the flesh" for things

In the flesh is very much alright. The Royal Academy of Arts uses it: Is it essential to see a painting in the flesh? (RoyalAc) There is another statement in that debate, that expresses it ...
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Word to describe someone who is skilled at inspecting the inner qualities or state of another

Chloe is a perspicacious manager; she always assigns each individual the tasks that fit them best. Perspicacious (adj.) Quick in noticing, understanding, or judging things accurately: His ...
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Adjective referring to a Representative

The United States Code,2 USC 5341, states: Representational allowance for Members of House of Representatives (a) In general There is established for the House of Representatives a single allowance, ...
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Is it sometimes grammatically correct to put a word like "visually" before an adjective-adverb combination like "more distinct"?

Both "visually more distinct" and "more visually distinct" are acceptable and in normal usage. Your other two examples are also correct and have the same meaning. It is true that ...
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"In the flesh" for things

You could always put it in terms of seeing the original.
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Usage of "coruscating"

Yes, "coruscating" can be used as a one-word adjective to describe something "interesting and exciting" more particularly "sparkling" - from the Latin coruscare, meaning &...
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"In the flesh" for things

in actuality actuality (OL&G) actual existence, typically as contrasted with what was intended, expected, or believed: "the building looked as impressive in actuality as it did in magazines&...
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"In the flesh" for things

I suggest face to face (sometimes hyphenated). Farlex has come face to face with (someone or something) To confront or encounter someone or something directly. I was gradually being brought face to ...
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Which premodifier is correct: 'ethical' or 'ethics'?

An 'ethics review' tries to measure how closely the ethics in or of any situation measure up to someone's ideals. An 'ethical review' tries to conduct itself according to someone's ideals, no matter ...
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Is "contentual" a proper word?

Stefan Bauer-Mengelberg proposed 'contentual' as a translation of the German 'inhaltlich' (J. Symbol. Log., v. 31 (1966), p. 489), a word used by logicians and philosophers. B-M thought he was coining ...
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