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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

for questions seeking a single word that fits a meaning. To ensure that your question is not closed as off-topic, please be specific about the intended use of the word.  INCLUDE A SAMPLE S…
20776 questions
for questions related to definitions and nuances of meaning of a word or phrase.
17056 questions
for questions about morphology and syntax, the two elements of grammar. DO NOT USE THIS TAG IF YOUR QUESTION IS ABOUT WHETHER SOMETHING SPECIFIC IS GRAMMATICAL. For such cases use the 'gra…
14052 questions
for questions about choosing the best word FROM A GIVEN SELECTION for a particular context or meaning. The selection to choose from must appear in the question. If you do not know the word…
for questions about correctly using a word. The word has to be provided within the question. The question should be limited to the usage of one word. For the usage of complete phrases ther…
for questions about whether something obeys the rules of grammar in English. The question must INCLUDE THE SPECIFIC GRAMMATICAL CONCERN. If your question is about grammar itself, please…
Questions about tracing out and describing the elements of an individual word, as well as the historical changes in form and sense which that word has experienced over its history. Please use the 'phr…
for questions seeking a phrase or an expression that fits a meaning. If you're specifically seeking only a single word, see the "single word requests" tag too.
for questions about phrases in the linguistic sense. In linguistics a “phrase” is a group of words that make a unit of syntax with a single grammatical function. Use [phrase-requests] if y…
5717 questions
for questions about expressions. Expressions are words or phrases used to convey an idea, or else a particular term used conventionally to express something. Consider phrase-requests and e…
for questions about the meaning of a longer passage of English. A SPECIFIC CONCERN must be emphasized.
for questions about verbs. Verbs are words that express an action, occurrence, or a state of being. Add this tag to single-word-requests if you are looking for a verb. Add the tag word-usa…
Idioms are a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words. Use [idiom-requests] if you are searching for an idiom with a particular meaning.
4326 questions
Prepositions are function words like "to", "over", "through", "in". The meaning of a sentence can be dramatically altered by choosing the wrong preposition. Questions need to include enough informatio…
Adjectives are just one of several different types of noun modifiers, typically used to premodify or describe a noun. Do not confuse adjectives with nouns used attributively to modify other nouns. Adj…
for questions about nouns. Nouns are words that refer to an entity, quality, state, action, or concept. Add this tag to single-word-requests if you are looking for a noun. Add the tag word…
3994 questions
for questions about the differences in the meaning of two words. For us to be able to help you, please provide the sourced definitions that you are referring to, where the confusion arises…
3940 questions
A synonym is a word that means the same, or almost the same thing, as another word. This tag is for asking about pairs of words. If you're requesting a synonym, please use the ‘single-word-request’ ta…
3695 questions
for questions seeking or discussing a term (or terms) belonging or peculiar to a science, art, or specialized subject (e.g. linguistics, mathematics, physics, biology, finance, theatre, mu…
for questions related to the English language as used in the United States of America.
Parsing or syntactic analysis is the process of analysing a string of symbols, conforming to the rules of a formal grammar.
applies to questions that deal with grammatical number: “singular” versus “plural”, and (rarely) also “dual”.
3103 questions
for questions about punctuation. This encompasses marks such as the period/full stop, comma, dash, and parentheses, used to separate structural units and perform other roles that clarify t…
2973 questions
for questions about the sound, stress, or intonation of spoken words.
for questions related to English as used in Great Britain, and sometimes Ireland.
should be used for questions discussing a multitude of words in a certain field. E.g., the vocabulary concerning money or the vocabulary concerning leatherworking.
2169 questions
The comma is a punctuation character that is placed on the baseline and looks similar to a single quotation mark.
2127 questions
A set of forms taken by a verb to indicate the time and/or completeness and continuance of the action in relation to the time of the utterance.
A sentence is a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate.
1910 questions
An adverb is a word that modifies an adjective, adverb, preposition, phrase, or sentence, expressing some relation of place, time, circumstance, causality, manner, or degree.
1763 questions
for questions seeking an idiom that fits a certain meaning. If you are asking more generally about a suitable phrase to use in a particular context, see the "phrase-request" tag. If you ar…
1652 questions
Questions about “Language of a highly colloquial type, considered as below the level of standard educated speech, and consisting either of new words or of current words employed in some special sense.…
1651 questions
for questions related to the meanings of phrases, particularly their definitions and nuances.
1592 questions
for questions concerning the written representation of the English language, especially spelling and word breaks (including hyphenation).
1590 questions
for questions about the usage of articles (e.g. a, an, and the).
1550 questions
A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun or noun phrase.
1481 questions
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