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Is "parse out" actually a phrasal verb, and in what context do you use "parse"

Most dictionaries may not have caught on yet, but it passes muster in many publications in the sense of 'figure out'. There's a few hundred hits in the News on the Web Corpus. It's difficult to parse ...
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Is "parse out" actually a phrasal verb, and in what context do you use "parse"

Farlex carries this usage: parse out: To make sense of or find meaning in something. [A noun or pronoun can be used between "parse" and "out."] Are you able to parse anything out?...
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Doesn't kibbutz also mean to build consensus?

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, fifth edition (2011), provides the following entries for kibbutz and kibitz: kibbutz n., pl. kibbutzim A collective farm or settlement in ...
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Meaning of joined in marriage

"to join in marriage" is a set phrase, meaning to cause a couple to become married. It acts like a transitive verb, so in I joined in marriage Ben and Nicole "Ben and Nicole" is ...
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Deck as verb and the accompanying preposition

The final preposition is the dispositive one. deck out in deck out with in is used with attire and things worn with is used with ornaments, flowers, baubles, etc P.S. The verb deck out (in) is ...
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What do you call the difference between when a verb expresses an actual state vs a potential state?

I understand the distinction you are making, but I am not aware of any single word to express the idea that is in common use. If someone else on here knows of such a word, I'll gladly yield. (Maybe it'...
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