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"Trespassed" is a term used in New Zealand in reference to delivering a "Trespass Notice" to someone. A trespass notice does not mean that the person has actually been trespassing on the property, but instead is a notice that if they do not leave the property and/or if they return to the property in the future then they will be ...


You could use the verb “endeavour”. “I will endeavour to fulfil the contract” Your problem is often solved by using the phrase “make best effort”.


"Does" Rule: Singular nouns (an idealistic world) take singular verbs (does) after them; Plural nouns (idealistic worlds) take plural verbs (do) after them.


OK. You all must be too young! "Slap me five" was a term used in the 60s and 70s, when one person put their hand out in front of them and the other person slapped their hand. It was a gesture, like a greeting. A "cool" way of saying "hello." Probably more common in urban or inner city settings. "Slap me Five" and "...

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