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Where did the word “quim” come from?

I wouldn't be surprised if the origin is connected with the surname Quimby, which is quite old and from what I can find means 'from the woman's estate.' Ancentry.com says: Quimby Name Meaning English ...
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Connotations of "that's too bad" between American and British english

Have you looked at dictionary definitions of the phrase? All of them seem to give both meanings, and Cambridge explains that it depends on the tone of voice you use, and the context. If you seem to be ...
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Math Drills and Times Tables in British English

Edwin Ashworth commented: 'Multiplication tables' is acceptable and obviously higher register, but 'times tables' still seems the more common term for use with primary school children in the UK. ...
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Is the expression "get shed of" or "get shut of" or "get shot of"?

My paternal grandmother was from Western Kentucky; they moved to Evansville, Indiana during WW2 when my grandfather left coal mining to work in a factory. We visited every summer during the 60s and ...
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