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What is the name of the era under King Charles?

There are precedents. He is King Charles III. The era of King Charles I was called Caroline, whereas the reign of King Charles II was referred to as Carolean. It may be that a third term will have to ...
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What is the name of the era under King Charles?

In a speech in the House of Commons, the UK's new Prime Minister Liz Truss said We will all support him in this House as he leads our country to a new era of hope and progress. Our new Carolian era. ...
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What is the name of the era under King Charles?

We are yet to see. The 'Caroline era' or the 'Carolean era' (or something similar) may be used once again (the former is used to refer to King Charles I's reign and the latter to King Charles II's). ...
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Is 'gonna' anachronistic in Sweeney Todd?

Sweeney Todd's usage of gonna is likely anachronistic. As your second source says, gonna dates to the 19th century, and initially appears in Scottish texts. Note the Oxford English Dictionary's first ...
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What is the meaning of call for quarter?

Wikipedia has a nice article on the phrase "no quarter" which means that "during military conflict [...] combatants would not be taken prisoner, but killed." Wikipedia gives 3 ...
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What is the meaning of "unpopular opinion"?

An unpopular opinion in popular culture is a viewpoint or statement that most people are likely to disagree with and which is likely to prove controversial. It's not just a matter of being unpopular ...
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Should "lecturer" be capitalised?

If it is a job title, then yes. Please report any misprints to either Professor Jones or Lecturer Smith. If it is a generic noun, then no. Our department employs six lecturers but only one janitor.
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Dialectal variation in subtleties of usage of the word "sore"

Sore started life as a noun and very quickly became an adjective. OED sore, n.1 Etymology: Old English sár strong neuter, = Old Frisian sêr (West Frisian sear , North Frisian siar ), In the 9th ...
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Whatever tickles their fancy in the US?

Today I happen to use the the phrase that you had brought up and coincidentally after reading several other websites and a brisk Google search along with definition...I had concluded, I must be one ...
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