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How are words ending with "-edly" pronounced?

Can the pronunciation of words ending with "-edly" explained somehow, such as by some rule? No. Such "rules" fall into four categories: (i) Those that have as (at least as) many ...
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What's the difference between backward(s) and backwardly?

The only real difference that I can tease out, other than frequency trends over the years, is that backwardly can be more easily used comparatively than backward(s), the latter pair being less ...
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What does "regularly" refer to in this?

I believe it's modifying "forget this". If we describe a group of people as "people who work with numbers", the implication is that they work with numbers regularly, since ...
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Can the adverb "strongly" be use with the verb "try"? If not, is there a clear reason?

The following comments by tchrist are worth reposting as an answer, so that they can be voted on. How do you “attempt strongly”? What does that even mean? You can’t seem strongly or sleep strongly or ...

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