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"Don't take it personally" vs. "Don't take it personal"

As Huddleston & Pullum (2002) note, there are a number of adverbs that are "identical in form with adjectives" but are "restricted to informal style" or "clearly non-...
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"Don't take it personally" vs. "Don't take it personal"

It depends on whether your definition of a flagrant grammatical error includes colloquial usage (since 1829!) as documented by, say, The Oxford English Dictionary: personal ADVERB colloquial. to take ...
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Are there any adverbs ending in -ly without an adjectival counterpart?

Gingerly. The only true example of this I can think of. Gingerly is definitely not an adjective and Ginger as a noun or an adjective has nothing to do with the meaning of the adverb form.
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Can the adverb "perfectly" modify the verb "to be"?

The verb that perfectly is modifying here is actually a phrasal one: to be at home with. That means the author's wording is perfectly grammatical; whether or not one can split a phrasal verb is a ...

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