This is the unnecessary the: "Thanks to cheap air travel, for many people the world has grown significantly smaller over the last decade, but to vegetarians, the planet can still seem frustratingly limited. For millions of us who don't eat meat, getting the right food while on THE holiday can be a key factor when choosing our destination."


English usage has grown up around articles and their use. Articles currently serve to distinguish between various synonyms and nouns in general. They serve the purpose and would be tough to replace. In Scotland they may speak English with a great economy of articles but I do not know why. You might tell us how in Finnish you would distinguish between going ...


depends on the number of other agents indicates all the agents. It works like this, if I say 'the fingers on my hand' it means all the fingers my hand. Therefore, if we say 'the number of' also means 'all' - the whole number of 'other agents'. depends on the number of the other agents rather suggests they all share a single telephone number, or similar, ...

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