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What is it called when X of Xs is used with superlative meaning?

The superlative constructions like the king of kings goes back to Old English and it is a borrowing from Biblical Latin (rex regum, saecula saeculorum). It can be ultimately traced back to Hebrew. The ...
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"issue" or "issue from"

I agree that none of the choices are suitable because of the choice of verbs. I would use "from which our technology is sourced" or "which developed our technology."
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When is it appropriate to omit both articles and prepositions together?

I know not of any rules surrounding this but I can tell you that I would write it like this; “Increases damage dealt to target by 10%.”
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What does "be of" mean?

The first example could be rephrased as These two pictures are pictures of 8.5-day-old mouse embryo. The additional "pictures" has been dropped. To rephrase the second example similarly I ...
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Sing with a piano

I would suggest that "sing with a piano" is actually short for "sing with a piano accompaniment" and it doesn't matter whether the singer plays the piano or whether someone else ...
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The use of 'with' phrases in a conditional sense

This conditional meaning with is listed in some dictionaries, such as M-W, which is probably where you got your example: if given With your permission, I'll leave. Also, especially in combination ...
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Does a pedestrian walk 'in' the road, or 'on' the road (both are correct, but which is right?)

There is a bicycle on the road:
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