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'Good of a or an' is an error, mainly found in US speech and casual writing. Only the middle examples of each three are correct. The first ones are incorrect because the noun after 'that good' requires an indefinite article ('a' or 'an'), and the last examples ('not that good of a / an...') are a mainly US regional error.


Your second interpretation is nearly correct: the team are hampered by the suspension of their key players and the implication is that they are still motivated. However, even if they are not motivated, the speaker says that the suspension is the cause of the poor performance. "...not just because they have lost motivation..." doesn't just suggest ...


One meaning of Channel is “a way of communicating with people.” The term radio channel came into use to describe a particular frequency of radio waves used for communication and google Ngram shows a growth of the term from the 1920s. The wider use of channel within the term communication channel seems to have come into use from about 1940 onwards. An ...

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