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It begins with the rhyme that good parents (from at least the 50's) tell their children as they tuck them into bed and immobility.; Good night, Sleep tight, Don't let the bedbugs bite. Like any good rhymes the origin is in dispute. This source is so good I've included a bit below. it is here:


"No offense" is short for "No offense intended." I'm adding this answer because it wasn't explicitly stated in the comments and someone reading the question might not get the full idea: It means "I'm going to speak bluntly but don't mean to hurt you by saying it." Even so, as user 888379 indicates, it might not be said sincerely.


My word suggestion is He will dissolve the Japanese government. Lexico says this: dissolve VERB 2 Close down or dismiss (an assembly or official body) the National Assembly was dissolved after a coup Aside: there are several grammatical errors in the paragraph, which you might want to revise.

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