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What tense does 'by now' refer to? (+ conditionals)

Perhaps you can look and up. It explains nicely the conditionals ...
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Which variation is grammatically correct, "Bound to falling in love" or "Bound to fall in love"?

Like most questions of this sort, there is not a general answer: the answer depends on the particular word governing the phrase, here, bound. Now bound actually has (at least) two different meanings, ...
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“Still wanted” vs “still want”

In such contexts it's not uncommon for native speakers to "backshift" a statement about what they [currently1] want. This puts a certain amount of "distance" between the speaker ...
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Verb Form Following "Who" Preceded by Prepositional Phrase

One can parse it either way, in both cases. But the intonation would distinguish the two parses in speech. In writing, you take your chances that the reader will understand the intonation you intended;...
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How to use a past event as the subject of a sentence?

The only thing which can be the subject of a verb is a noun phrase, which could be as simple as “I”. Here, the noun is the ringing of the phone. Ringing is a gerund, a verb form which functions as a ...
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Past Tense after "if"

Because it's a paraphrase of "if in the future, today was known as Harry Potter Day

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