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Is "plurality" a valid word, and if so, what's the difference between it and "pluralisation"?

In the context of the US health insurance and healthcare system, plurality has a well understood definition similar to the political / election meaning seen online, as you referenced. To say a doctor (...
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"on here" vs "in here" for websites

The use of "on here" sounds fine when addressing fellow members of an online chat platform or website of which one is a member. Eg., Those of us on here need to come to an agreement.
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"feint" and "feign": Are they synomyms?

The Middle English Dictionary (Middle English Compendium, University of Michigan) gives overlapping meanings for both verbs from the early 14th century onward. Here are the etymologies they present: ...
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What's the difference between superpose and superimpose?

I think there are two distinct concepts, but they are confused by using both terms. In Geology the law of superposition states that in undeformed strata the oldest materials lie at the bottom and are ...
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x-stor(e)y or x-floor or x-level house/building?

Usually, the term "storey\story" is used when referring to an entire building. Like 'A four-storey townhouse', "That 38 story condominium", or 'his house is two storey'. When the ...
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