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Using articles with product name? [duplicate]

I'd like opinions on the use of articles with product names. It seems to have become a fashion in recent years to omit the article (“the”, "a", "an") before the name of a product – ...'s user avatar
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Does a brand name used as common noun like Hoover respond to change in market share made by Dyson? [closed]

In the UK, electric vacuum cleaners used to be called Hoover, a product name, but Dyson is now the top brand on the UK market. Is the vacuum cleaner still called Hoover? Or is it now called Dyson?
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What does "ROCKET IN MY ROLLS" mean on a toy slot machine?

When I was a kid, I got one of these one lucky Christmas. Needless to say, it fascinated me for endless hours and was a major highlight of my childhood. (Which perhaps might be a bit sad, but I ...
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Is there a special name for that kind of product category?

I'm making a webshop and I can't find a good name for a special category. Is there any name for a category that holds products which will be no longer sold after the stock has been run out? In ...
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Can I define our company's business as sell furnishings if we do not sell furniture?

Our company produces and sells rugs, throw pillows, decorative objects, cushions, lamps, wall decor products, curtains, candle holders and generally everything else which is decorative for the house, ...
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Product name for service that manages connections [closed]

Looking for a word or catchy phrase that captures the meaning of "connection management". I work for a web-based company that manages APIs (API's are the connective tissue of the Internet of Things). ...
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Is there a generic expression for a "universal product"?

In Lucky Luke vol 38, some character named Doc Doxey tries to sell a product that works for almost everything (elixir) like a Swiss army knife with very general reported usage. Is there a name for ...
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Swashes: What are they? [closed]

I always thought swashes were a way to call wet wipes/wet tissues/wet towels/moist towelettes -or- whatever you call them. Recently, though, I realized that Swashes is actually a company that makes ...
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