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Is it grammatically correct to except something without it being part of the original group? [closed]

In Arabic, it is allowed to say for instance: All the students left the room except the teacher. So, the teacher is put after an "except" even though he is not one of the students. It's ...
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About “besides” and “except” - which better fits the blank here?

I’m having a problem with word choice in the specific sentence below. “Batman has a friend named Robin who always helps Batman when he is in danger. Very few people know who Batman really is ______ ...
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Except VERSUS excluding

Recently I have been told that it's not correct to use "except" in this sentence. 1 I have already had three lessons (today) except this one. It should be: 2 I have already had three lessons (today)...
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Use of except in the sentence [closed]

Yeah! I love animals except cats . Is it correct?
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Inside their house, approval should NEITHER be given, EXCEPT in very special circumstances, for the ITEM A, or for ITEM B, NOR for ITEM C, or for ITEM D Is the following accurate? Approval ...
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Except vs Besides

I would like to know if except and besides can mean different things in some sentences and have the same meaning in others. For example, It's hard for me to say anything to him except "hello" = ...
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Is "I like those except apple" correct?

I was helping to explain the difference between "except for" and "except" and my friend made two example sentences. Those two sentences being: I like those except apple and I like those ...
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No other . . . except . .

From Garner's Modern American Usage 3rd Ed. : No other . . . than. This phrase often gets mangled into no other . . . except, which is a piece of illogic. The correction is typically no . . . other ...
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Comma before "except for?"

I am wondering if there should be a comma before the word "except" in this sentence. The research I have done reveals that commas usually aren't used, but I think that it depends on the sentence. I ...
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