So normally adjectives like frequent modify a noun or a pronoun, whereas adverbs like frequently modify verbs or adjectives.

However, in this sentence both options seem fine to me but I couldn't tell which form is more appropriate.

Sexual Risk Reduction program is one of the .... implemented programs in college campuses...

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Sexual Risk Reduction program is one of the frequently implemented programs in college campuses.

is the only correct one.

"implemented" is a past participle, a verbal form, even though here it's used attributively.

Now, let's think about the meaning of:

frequent, implemented program = program that is frequent and is implemented [kind of strange]

frequently implemented program = program that is implemented frequently (in a frequent manner) [makes sense]

Also, search for such combinations at Google Books (not vanilla Google):

"the frequent implemented" 0 results

"the frequently implemented" About 51 results

Thus the 2nd clearly takes it from this point of view too.

  • Although past participles are derived from verbs, they behave like adjectives, the only exception being the to have perfect construction, which nevertheless has its roots in that adjectival use.
    – Anonym
    Apr 4, 2015 at 0:50

Still Frequently though it should either read "most frequently", or perhaps, to keep it vaguer,

Sexual Risk Reduction programs are a frequently implemented program in college campuses...

or, most concise…

Sexual Risk Reduction programs are frequently implemented in college campuses...

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