I want to translate the expression

It's better to hit the target from a Makarov rather than miss from a Glock.

from Russian into English. In Russia, many people know that

  • a Glock is a fancy, trendy gun, whereas
  • the Makarov pistol is an old, pretty average weapon, workhorse of the army and law-enforcement agencies (nothing fancy about it).

In German, there is an expression 08/15, which means usual, nothing special, and refers to machine gun MG 08/15, which was commonly used in World War I.

What's the American term for a commonly used, average weapon?


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Despite the American propensity for violence, there is (as far as I know, and I'm a native speaker) no such thing as a word for "an average weapon". However, I have heard the phrase

It's better to hit with small than miss with big.

used when the joys of large-caliber weapons comes up.


According to the link from Guns & Ammo Network :


There are some word that describe average weapons and handguns:

AKAs such as “Heater”, Shooting iron”, “Smoke Pole” and “Persuader” are pretty easy to figure out, as are “Saturday Night Special”, “Suicide Special” and “Flyapart”, the latter a trio of terms to describe cheaply-made, inexpensive handguns intended for limited, somewhat specialized usage.

Hope it helps you.

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