I am having trouble finding the right way to describe the following: a man not having a revolver "tucked away in the pants." I would like this to include the idea that "if he had one, you wouldn't see it anyway, but he doesn't," I also need to include the "in the pants" or "in the belt"(?), as this is for a translation.

Is there any phrase describing this situation?

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    Let me see if I understand, you are looking for a way to say that a man might or might not be carrying a weapon on his person (either in his pants or in his belt) but it is impossible to tell because of what he is wearing?
    – JLG
    Apr 22, 2012 at 23:36

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He didn't have a gun on his belt, though one wouldn't have noticed it there if he had.


Maybe..."Not that it would be visible underneath the fabric of his pants, but he did not have a revolver on him". or "While he could've easily concealed a revolver inside his pants/under his belt, he was not carrying one".

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