"The line graph illustrates the amount of goods which was delivered by road, water, rail and pipeline in the UK from 2000 to 2005".

Should I use "amount" or "amounts" in this case? (I am writing a report of a line graph with 4 lines, each of which depicts the amount of cargo transported by a particular mode of transport shown above)

Thanks in advance!

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    With 4 lines, you need "which were" instead of "which was", but I'm not sure you can't still use 'amount'. – AmI Mar 18 at 10:42

Amount would be preferred because the following word (goods) ends with s .

More Mistakes

As it is plural it will be which were and not which was.

  • my bad @JasonBassford (edited it) – Kaushik Mar 18 at 16:40

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