Is there any good translation for German steile These, which means something like daring hypothesis? A Steile These is a contentious hypothesis which is or can not really be proven.

Examples from the German press:

Steile These: Die Menschen werden dümmer
[?]: People becoming more stupid

Steile These: Microsoft jetzt innovativer als Apple?
[?]: Microsoft more innovative than Apple now?

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    It would be better to post your question in German-related language site. I am sure there are some members who are fluent in German, but your quesiton doesnt' belong here, I am afraid.
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    @Rathony: Neither version of this question would be on-topic on German Language, because it does not require expertise of the German but of the English language. If the asker were trying to understand the phrase’s German meaning, it would be on-topic there.
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  • @sumelic I tried to do some research with no success. But I remembered that I'm also a member of this community which might help me out. The answer of Wrzlprmft is what I was looking for and I'm sure it is also useful for others. Commented Nov 2, 2015 at 9:44

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Without further specifics of usage, I would go for bold claim. I chose claim, because I perceive it as more ideomatic than thesis (the English thesis is less ideomatic than the German These).

Here are some examples of bold claim in use:

Professors Make Bold Claim: Active Managers Better Than Monkeys

Are you afraid to make a bold claim about your business?

Dier makes bold claim about why rivals can't handle Tottenham under Pochettino

Linus Torvalds Makes Bold Claim That 2016 ‘Will Be The Year Of The ARM Laptop’

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