A single person speaking to another person or a group is called a

  • monologue

Multiple people speaking to each other is called a

  • dialogue

How is it called when multiple people speak to another person/group without speaking with each other, like for example a presentation?

Is this still a dialogue? Or is it rather a

  • multilogue



If you are looking to some word more sophisticated than "conversation", the British dictionary defines "colloquium" as an informal gathering for discussion.

Wikipedia defines "multilogue" a conversation described as many-to-many. The term is commonly used to describe the nature of conversations and interactions using social media and collaborative tools, such as social networking, online video, widgets for syndication, wikis, message boards, forums, etc.

I never imagined that "multilogue" could be a noun. However, neither multilogue, conversation or colloquium convey the idea of multiple speakers not interacting together.

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