If I need to know whose name should I put in title of a cheque, what would be the most precise and educated sentence?

I have to pay someone some money via cheque but I want to ask them whose name should I put in title of the cheque, what should I say which is polite and eloquent ?


In British English, one makes out a cheque, so you could ask:

Who should I make the cheque out to, please?

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    Should it be "Whom" instead of "Who"? – tourniquet_grab Nov 15 '17 at 1:11

Another tortured but colloquial phrase is "Who do I make it payable to?"

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I agree that make out is the most common formulation. A more traditional phrase is to 'write a cheque in favour of somebody'. So the question would be: who should the cheque be written in favour of?

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"To whom should I make out the cheque?"


"How exactly should I write the payee name?"

or simply and less formally,

"How should I spell your name on this cheque, please?"

are all reasonable alternatives.

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Please confirm the named payee so the check may be issued.

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