I have the sentence:

The figure grew steadily since its six-month ___________.

So I'm looking for a word to complete the thought, given that this statistic/figure has been in existence for six months. I had thought of "inception" or "half-life" but these choices seemed to be kind of stretching it.


What is an appropriate word choice for my example sentence? Need to sound formal/professional, but not necessarily high-syllable.

  • What exactly is figure in this context? The specific type of noun will determine the appropriateness of the word used. Oct 8, 2019 at 4:01

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Existence is a period of time. In your example six-months.

Inception is the beginning of existence.

“Since” references a point in time, such as the inception.

Therefore, your sentence should be modified to either change “since” to “during” or “in”, or to remove or move “six month”.

The figure grew steadily during its six-month existence.

The figure grew steadily since its inception. [six-months ago.]


The structure seems awkward. Maybe try switching it around?

From a promising start, the figure grew steadily for the first six months.

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