I work in a clinic on a military base that closes for a half day once a month for something we call Training Day. The two main parts of training day are (1) Squadron Commander's Call and (2) Flight Level Training.

I am looking for alternative terms for: (a) Training Day as a whole; (1) Commander's Call, which happens in the auditorium; and (2) Flight Level Training, which happens in the classroom. The terms should not be military specific, and they should convey the frequency, structure, size, purpose and content and value of the events and ways to add professional weight to them.

The words conference, convention, meeting, lecture, speech, lesson, presentation, briefing, seminar, workshop and training all come to mind, but they are not quite right. Moreover, some of the things we usually label "briefings" seem more like "workshops" or "seminars"

(1) Squadron Commander's Call: The squadron to which I belong (Laboratory, Radiology, Logistic and Records Personnel) meets in the clinic auditorium for between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Our Commander and/or First Sergeant speaks, there is a small promotion ceremony and recognition for squadron and/or individual achievements and mission objectives and upcoming events are reviewed. There is usually a speech about one or more work related subjects. Occasionally there will be second speaker, who might be a guest, who talks on a topic that affects all squadrons, for example a mental health professional speaking about depression awareness. Sometimes the guest speaker has the squadron participate by answering questions or taking part in a short activity such as a safety skit

Examples of how I've used this term in a sentence include:

Airman Smith was coined at Commanders call yesterday!

Go ahead and check that patient in, they said patients shouldn't be waiting for more than 10 minutes at the last commanders call.

We learned about ways to manage stress during commander's call.

(2) Flight Level Training: The entire Laboratory team plus the flight commander and the flight chief meet in the conference room. There are power point presentations, a required safety brief, an infection control brief, and a presentation by a student on their research. A department head may want to talk about changes in test procedure, a team member may present on a topic of their choice, or our flight leadership may have been instructed to present on specific topic. Some of these are formal presentations with questions held to the end, and some are informal, with lively discussions. Presentations vary from several minutes to 30 minutes. At the end of the meeting, the flight chief presents a certificate to the "Student of the Month" and an "Employee of the Month". We do not have one name for this part of training day but we've called it "small group discussions," "flight specific training," "flight level training," or even just "training day".

I am also looking for terms or words that will convey, in a resume or during an appraisal, that I am more knowledgeable in certain areas such as teamwork, or leadership than peers who do not attend training days. I am keeping a brief log of training and teamwork sessions. Is it adequate to say: "I have participated in 12 teamwork lessons this year." Or should I be more specific and say: "I attended 12 lessons about many medical subjects, including Zika Virus, Diabetes, Cholesterol testing, Liver diseases and Alzheimer's disease." Or possibly, "I am able to properly respond to an infection control situation because I attended 12 Infection control trainings this year."

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    I think you should reduce this question to just what is relevant (we don't really need all the possible alternatives, only a broad outline of each event). Note that to split paragraphs up you need a completely empty line.
    – Andrew Leach
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  • I am working on editing. I think I have removed approximately 1000 characters so far. This is difficult for me, as I am afraid that I won't get what I'm looking for if I am not detailed enough. Commented Jan 28, 2017 at 16:15
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    I think you are still going to get a lot of tl:dr on this. You spend a lot of time talking about flight level training, Comander´s Call, Training day, readiness training, briefings, group discussions, etc. and it is still not clear what you need. Commented Jan 28, 2017 at 17:29
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    Squadron Commander's Call sounds a lot like the All-Hands meetings in a place where I worked. As for Flight Level Training, I am not sure what you mean by squadron, team, department, group, flight. Flying in the dark, so to speak, I suggest Laboratory Group Training
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    Commented Jan 28, 2017 at 19:11
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    I don't know if you still need these terms, but your Squadron Commander's Call sounds like an in-service training program. I think the term would be pretty widely understood in several fields, including medicine and education.
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The key is to pull terminology from a non-military context. I will make some suggestions to get you started, but then you can have some fun googling, looking at schedules for training sessions, conferences and workshops.

Monthly Staff Training

Professional Development Day

Opening Speaker

Breakout Session

Workshop Session

Also, google some sample CVs to get more ideas.

I think the documentation you're creating will look good on your CV.

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