Considering the sentence:

Investor perception on active funds will be ______ too expensive.

I am struggling to find the right wording. The message is clear in my mind, but I can't make it clear with grammar or word choice. The above is the closest I got.

The message is supposed to be investors will think active funds will be too expensive. I just want to change it a bit so I use the smarty-pants phrase "investor perception." However, I can't seem to make the rest of the sentence coordinate.


Is there an appropriate word choice for this sentence and maintain a formal/professional tone?

Note: You may take slight creative liberties with the other portions of the sentence if need be.

  • The question is why you think the fashionable abstract phrase is preferable to your own perfectly clear way of saying it. Your discomfort might be a justified rebellion against a pandemic of abstraction. “Investors will judge active funds to be overpriced” is clear and strong.
    – Tuffy
    May 24, 2019 at 7:08
  • Inserting a phrase like "investor perception" works best if you have a more complex sentence. For example, We are struggling with investor perception of overvaluing or We are struggling with investor perceived overvaluing of active funds. Sorry, I don't know what active funds are. But now hopefully you see the trick to this. May 24, 2019 at 16:36

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The construction of your current example sentence can't work (regardless of what word you drop into the blank spot) because it makes investor perception the object of the verb. It would say that it's investor perception that's too expensive—not the active funds.

If you need to keep investor perception, then simply forget about another verb in the location you give, and use the following phrasing:

Investor perception will be that active funds are too expensive.

If you are still looking for a verb to fit with too expensive, then you need to drop the use of perception and use something like this:

Active funds will be considered too expensive by investors.
Active funds will be found too expensive by investors.

Or, if you don't like the passive construction and want to change the focus:

Investors will consider active funds (to be) too expensive.
Investors will find active funds (to be) too expensive.

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