X rarely goes to Y


X frequently goes to Y

What would be a word in between the two? A formal word for 'sometimes' maybe?


Atheists sometimes appeal to Nietzsche's writing and use it to argue that he was against the idea of a God in general.

I need a formal word for sometimes. Frequently wouldn't be a good choice. Rarely wouldn't be either.

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  • Just from the top of my head: seldom , infrequently , hardly, scarcely. Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 21:25
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As I mentioned in a comment, this depends on the context. In a formal setting I might say:

X periodically goes to Y


1 From time to time; occasionally.
‘I will periodically check on your progress’
‘the students received help from a friend only periodically’

Now that you have updated the context, I would suggest:


  1. usually; ordinarily.

Atheists regularly appeal to Nietzsche's writing and use it to argue that he was against the idea of a God in general.

If that seems too frequent for your needs, consider:

from time to time
Occasionally, once in a while. For example, From time to time we play bridge with the Carters.


at times
sometimes; occasionally. I feel quite sad at times. At times, I wish I had never come here.

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    I would also suggest "occasionally" as a good choice. After all, 3/4 of the definitions included in this answer offer it as a synonym!
    – endemic
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I don't know that it's any more "formal" than sometimes (but then, I don't regard sometimes as being particularly informal to begin with), but a longer word for sometimes is occasionally:


    : on occasion : now and then
    //dines out occasionally
    //We occasionally see deer in the field.


    At infrequent or irregular intervals; now and then.
    ‘ very occasionally the condition can result in death’
    ‘ he met her occasionally for coffee’

American Heritage Dictionary:

    Now and then; from time to time.

Collins English Dictionary:

    from time to time

Macmillan Dictionary:

    sometimes, but not frequently or regularly
    Simmer the sauce for ten minutes, stirring occasionally.
    We go to the theater only very occasionally (=not often).

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