I am looking for equivalent of Indian saying "Makdach ghar" which is "Monkey's house" the meaning is a monkey always starts to built his house only after it starts to rain. It has the analogy of "Ants and the grasshopper" where the monkey = the grasshopper

I am not looking for the saying like "Stitch in time saves nine" as that is more suggestive of an advice, rather it should be a phrase reflecting the ill effect. The monkey's house as per local culture here reflects the idea that the house (or the monkey's action or inaction) is ineffective, ill conceived for a heavy rainy season and will not stand a chance.

Friend 1 to Friend 2 (working in other company): The management in our company is so damn frustrating, we are plagued by inaction. Now our cash-cow client is expected to pays us a visit from the US. This is their first visit since last 10 years of our business relationship and our yard is __________ (monkey's house - which is never ready for the presentation or circumstance presented). It would have been better if they had stitched in time.


Assuming you're after idioms:

House of cards
This place is a house of cards.

a structure, situation, or institution that is insubstantial, shaky, or in constant danger of collapse

Caught with their trousers down.
If the client shows up, we'll be caught with our trousers down.

To be taken by surprise; to be caught in a vulnerable (often embarrassing) position or situation.

Always a day late and a dollar short

late and ill-prepared.


The closest I can think of is disarray - a state of affairs close to what you have described.

... This is their first visit since last 10 years of our business relationship and our yard is in disarray. ...


NOUN [mass noun]
A state of disorganization or untidiness.

‘Our residence in Baker Street had the reputation of being cluttered and in disarray, so perhaps he thought this was its normal appearance.’

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