The way to go is a phrase used encouraging someone to continue the good work according to Free Dictionary. If we asses its usage in the following context, apparently it was used as a adjective as a part of a sentence not as a independent sentence like " well done" .

So I'd like to ask if this is a standard usage of this phrase and which adjective we can replace with it in the closest sense ? For example "successful" ?

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"Way to go" means the procedure for doing something. That "something" can be literal, meaning the actual physical path to take:

What's the best way to go downtown?

Or figurative:

Graduating in three years is the way to go.

In the usage above (and in your example of custom skins) it means the best option.

As you've noted, it's also an idiomatic aside, congratulating someone on choosing a successful option:

You graduated in two years. Way to go!

But note its ironic usage:

Three speeding tickets in two weeks, eh? Way to go!


"Good job", Commendable, Admirable, "On the right path" Wise, I know there are more, but I can't think of them :/

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