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Could you please tell me how to properly write the following sentence? I believe I know the grammar rule but I must not be creative enough to think of an alternative sentence structure. Here's the sentence:

I would love to see houses you've been looking at.

I've never really figured out how to change a sentence like this without sounding really pompous. Such as, "I would love to see houses at which you've been looking". This sentence sounds weird and awkward to me.

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    What's wrong with the original? Bothered by that "at" at the end? If so, don't be. – J.R. Nov 7 '13 at 0:25

Assuming your angst is over the so-called grammar rule about prepositions at the end of sentences, I think the sentence reads fine as is. However, if you really wanted to change something, why do all that rearranging of words? Trying taking out the two-word phrasal verb instead, and substitute a one-word synonym in its place:

I would love to see the houses you've been viewing.

  • I agree with @Kevin; the sentence reads better with "the" in front of houses. – J.R. Nov 7 '13 at 0:32
  • Viewing is not the same as looking at, at least in some contexts. – Kris Nov 7 '13 at 5:55
  • @Kris - Sure. If it's not the same meaning, though, one can simply choose different word – one that is more suitable. If that's not possible, the sentence can be left as-is. – J.R. Nov 7 '13 at 10:10

I would say

I would love to see the houses you've been looking at.

Note the addition of the. The "rule" about not ending a sentence with a preposition has no basis in usage before or after it was put forth. This sentence is a good example of one that cannot avoid ending with a preposition without being a pompous ass.

Without the, the sentence you had implies you don't want to see all the houses, but even then I would use some of the houses or a few of the houses.

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