I'm trying to find a single word to describe a communication style that is high volume, low information density that is more formal than windbag.

Loquacious is the best I've come up with so far but I don't feel like it captures the low information density by itself.

Basically trying to find a an eloquent way to capture Homer's "You take forever to say nothing."


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verbiage, or verbose

In the Western world it refers to excess words and possibly garbage, but in other parts of the world it just means "words".

language that is very complicated and contains a lot of unnecessary words:

Cambridge online


Describe a communication style

Chatty is a good word if less than formal. It's hard to beat Loquacious any day.

It's important to note that information density is best at about 50%. New data must be mixed with old ideas. These are the old words carrying the new ideas that language is so good at.

To describe the information density being a bit lean I would suggest other realms of description. Lean, empty, devoid come to mind. But an overly wordy communication style for this would be diffuse, lengthy, rambling, tedious or windy.

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