What is a good word or phrase that describes someone speaking in a hostile, aggressive (even condescending) tone, with excaggerated facial features, but the volume of his/her voice is at a normal level (ie: all the traits of shouting in anger, but turning down the volume)? A good example of this is A Few Good Men, where we see the attorney suddenly become very hostile, but his voice is somewhat restrained (until he starts shouting 2 seconds later).

The closest term I could find is "whisper shout", but I think that applies to when someone is trying to speak in a restrained voice (ie: lower pitch) so their voices carries a longer distance without being as obvious to others nearby.

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Perhaps not an exact fit, but I think hiss comes close....

2: to utter or whisper angrily or threateningly and with a hiss
from m-w.com

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