I am not sure if such a word exists, but I figured it good to ask anyway:

I'm looking for a single word to describe something that has both better quality, and also higher quantities or volume of something.


"Our oceans provide more quantity and better quality sustenance."

"Our oceans provide better sustenance."

Is there a way to avoid other dull words like "better" or "more"?

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Use abundant (overabundant) to describe something that exists in large amounts that are more than what's needed.

Near synonyms are plentiful, emphasizing "large amounts," and ample, emphasizing "more than enough

"Our oceans provide sustenance galore."


Galore means there’s so much that it’s unbelievable. The word is an example of a postpositive adjective, which means it comes after the word it describes. (vocabulary.com)

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The term bountiful means

Large in quantity; abundant: the ocean provided a bountiful supply of fresh food

Oxford Dictionaries Online

Similarly, abundant

(abundant in) Having plenty of something: the riverbanks were abundant in wild plants

In both cases, the connotation is both volume and a positive quality.


What's your intended flavor here? If you're going for flowery language, I would use cornucopia.

From Google:

Cornucopia: an abundant supply of good things of a specified kind.

So for your superlative case possibly something like, "Our oceans provide a comparative cornucopia of sustenance." or even a "veritable cornucopia of" for greater emphasis.

For a more clinical presentation, I would probably keep the adjectives separate. I think there's value in specifying that there is both more of and better quality of a thing. What I might do though, is link the adjectives together; something more like, "Our oceans provide a greater amount of higher quality sustenance."


How about "enhanced"?

"Our oceans provide enhanced quantity and quality sustenance."

"Our oceans provide enhanced sustenance."

enhance verb: intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of. "his refusal does nothing to enhance his reputation"

synonyms: increase, add to, intensify, heighten, magnify, amplify, inflate, strengthen, build up, supplement, augment, boost, raise, lift, elevate, exalt



Great can be used to refer to both high volume and high quality. Here are two of its definitions:

  1. a : notably large in size : huge

    b : of a kind characterized by relative largeness —used in plant and animal names

    c : elaborate, ample: great detail

  2. markedly superior in character or quality


Thus, you could say Our oceans provide a greater quantity and quality of sustenance.


For certain applications, maybe fecund?

For others, perhaps bounteous?

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