Which is the correct way to hyphenate the following message: the hotel in question is, among all the hotels in Dehli with the same 4-star rating, second best.

This is the second-highest-rated 4-star hotel in Dehli.


This is the second-highest rated 4-star hotel in Dehli.

or something else?


Your first attempt is correct. The second is wrong. Let me begin with the second sentence. To me, "This is the second-highest rated 4-star hotel in Dehli" says something about how tall the building is. That is, among all 4-star hotels that have been given a formal rating, this hotel is the second-highest. In contrast, your first sentence correctly explains that it is the rating that is the second highest.

Having considered correctness, I think that it is then worth considering how best to say what you want to say, and in that case, the construction suggested by @Jason is easy to understand and unambiguous.

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