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What is the distinction between the semi-colon,em-dash, and colon when used to connect related complete sentences? To my eyes these are all the same. What is the correct use?


A semi-colon is used between two independent clauses. It signifies a strong relationship between those clauses. Should be used sparingly and is often used incorrectly (I don't think you used a good example).

A colon is used, primarily to introduce a list, including 1-word (or 1-noun phrase) lists. (I don't think your colon example was strong, either).

An em-dash is used, in some contexts, to introduce asides, that is, non-germane or tangential information. The specific use between hyphens and en and em dashes depend on your chosen style (Your second example is not strong, the first one, maybe).

The Punctuation Guide has some good things to say on this point, as well.

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  • em-dash What would be a good example in your opinion. – bluebell1 Jan 4 '19 at 18:59

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