I'm translating the signature for the email App into English. I want it short but correct!

I have tried different searches in Google and Linguee. However, none of the following possibilities seem popular on Google (and I don't find them on Linguee). So maybe none of the following options is correct?

  • Email typed with a phone. Apologies for the briefness.
  • Email written by phone. Apologies for the briefness.
  • (and other combinations using the same words).

How do you actually write that sentence normally in a short way?

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Given your word choice I would probably go with:

Written by phone, apologies for brevity.

Though in the US I typically see something like "Sent via phone - please excuse typos and informalities."

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    thanks man, I went for the first option, as right now I'm in Ireland! :)
    – chelder
    Jun 4, 2018 at 22:21

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