Is there a word which means running of this media event?

For example:

The advertisement was played 428 times over the promotions period.

The advertisement had four-hundred and twenty-eight word-goes-here over the period.

The word needs to encompass both video and audio media.

The specific problem I have to solve is what to put on a report:

Media File:                    Buy_Duff_Beer.wmv
From:                          Monday, 1 August 2011
To:                            Wednesday 31 August 2011
Total Playings:                4,523
Average Playings Per Hour:     32

Playings is the best word I've come up with, and I really don't like it.


The noun form of 'to play' is play. So you could say:

Average plays per hour

Total plays

You can play a song (or another piece of audio media), or a movie/video. iTunes also refers to a play count for how many times you have listened to a song, or watch a video. So you would say:

In iTunes, my favorite song has a play count of 4,000.

I would recommend plays over play count, however.

  • “Plays” is absolutely the right term. – Simon White Feb 8 '16 at 23:24

You might consider using runs as a noun here.


What about "broadcast"?

"The advertisement had four-hundred and twenty-eight broadcasts over the period. Some audio, some video."

  • That would work, except in my situation. I need to count each media file running on each device, while a "broadcast" would imply an unknown number of receiving devices. – Andrew Shepherd Aug 22 '11 at 23:21

To emphasize the advertiser, you could try one of:

  • transmissions
  • presentations
  • deliveries

To emphasize the consumer, perhaps:

  • receptions
  • reviews
  • views

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