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I was wondering if there is a word for someone who believes all their actions are justified. Like they believe their ideology is the best one there even if it is against society set morals.

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    How about deluded? – rhetorician Mar 31 '17 at 22:37

Self-righteous, or if that’s two words, sanctimonious. But keep in mind that societal morals have included witch burning and other such sanctimonious offenses.


There are any number of possibilities, including

  • dogmatic

  • doctrinaire

  • intransigent

  • cocksure

  • unbending

  • uncompromising

  • narrow-minded

  • fanatical

  • pertinacious

  • adamant

  • unyielding

  • unswerving

Most of the above words I obtained from Word Hippo, a great site for synonyms and antonyms.

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