I am a student who is studying software engineering and I have a big dream to become a world class developer in upcoming few years. I am planning to start a blog related to software engineering and I am thinking about the name: ifiwasasoftwareengineer.com

Do you think this is a appropriate use of English in this situation or should I better use 'ifiwere...'?



'If I was' suggests you don't think you ever will be a software engineer. Grasp the nettle and choose 'wheniamasoftwareengineer.com'. otherwise your dreams will stay as dreams. Good luck in your career!

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"If I were" is generally used for things you'll most likely never actually be, like in "if I were you" or "if I were in her shoes". "If I was" doesn't carry such a connatation. In your case, I would go with "was".


Using "were" here makes the clause have a subjunctive mood, which actually means nothing for the future likelihood of the clause, as Chappo mentioned below. Subjunctive mood can give a meaning of wishfulness or possibility, and is used to express various states of unreality, which is different than what I first suggested. "Was", on the other hand, is in indicative mood, which deals with facts and doesn't carry the same possibility of subtext.

In any case, I agree with Jonathan above - don't make it wishful thinking!

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  • Regarding your answer, "were" is the subjunctive mood of "was", and neither has anything to do with the likelihood of the condition occurring. In any case, your basic premise that the subjunctive indicates an unachievable condition is wrong - consider "If I were sick with a cold, I would still go to work" or "If I were a retiree, I would have more leisure time". – Chappo Hasn't Forgotten Monica Jun 27 '16 at 7:56

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