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What is the origin of ZOMG?

What ever does ZOMG mean? And where did it come from?

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It means the same thing as "OMG" -- that is, "Oh my God". Now it's often used to indicate a sarcastic or ironic usage of "omg".

Some suggest that it originated as a misspelling when users accidentally hit Z instead of Shift when typing "OMG", and the use of "ZOMG" became a way to mock Internet "newbies". On the other hand, many common Internet acronyms are evolve into ridiculous forms that are used sarcastically; for example, the simple "LOL" has turned into "lulz" and even "lollerskates", and "ROFL" has also manifested as "roflcopter".

  • A youth of my aquaintance refers to a decisive victory as "roflstomping". – PSU May 19 '11 at 21:05

I always thought it invoked Zeus. As in Zounds!

Have internet acronyms such as these come to be accepted as part of the English Language? Sigh.

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