I am working on a lyric.

This is about a girl who smiles at a boy whom she is interested and also ignores him on the other day .. she wasn't sure whether she want him or not.

To accomplish this scenario, I wrote the line as

You smile a day and ignore other day !!

I prefer to replace the word "ignore" and so wrote "hurt". Still I am looking for a better word.

You smile a day and hurt other day !!

Opposite of smile - Keeping the face in an anger mode or ignorance mode.

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    Perhaps sneer or scorn could work; frown is another option. Also try their synonyms. – Kris Apr 28 '15 at 4:56

Just improvising here, not going for the word, but the line:

You smile a day and turn your back another

You smile a day and frown another day

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You smile a day and

Walk past me another day


Look away another day


Turn away another day

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  • You smile at me one day, and give me the cold shoulder the next.

This is a fixed phrase meaning to ignore, perhaps intentionally.

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