Is it

The process now can be calculated just like in the book.


The process can now be calculated just like in the book.


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In many cases, it's acceptable to place an adverb such as now before or after the verb it modifies. (See this page for a good summary of the issue.) For this specific construction, can now is used much more often than now can, the latter of which is unusual enough that it can inhibit understanding in some cases. In fact, when I read your first sentence I initially interpreted it as saying that there is a process called "now" and that this process can (at some indefinite time) be calculated like it is in the book. So go with can now.

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    Now, like many adverbs, can appear either directly before the constituent it modifies, or directly before the beginning of a larger constituent that contains the constituent it modifies (in this case the Verb Phrase can be calculated, as opposed to the VP be calculated). See the VP guide for details. Jun 6, 2014 at 16:22

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