Chris Krycho

I am a Christian software engineer focused on web UI, typography, functional programming—and ethics. Besides my varied full-stack web development experience, I bring to the table half a decade of experience in systems-level programming (including avionics software and computational physics models), an undergraduate degree in physics, a master’s degree in theology, and a passion for building the right things in the right way.

Building the right things means I am not interested in startups whose vision consists of either "tear down an existing industry" or "applying software will solve all our problems." I would much rather work for a company with both a vision for how its product improves human lives and a recognition of the limits of technology. Tech is not a panacea for human ills and too often simply reinforces the worst of our existing failings. Ethics is foundational for good software engineering.

Building things the right way means I am not interested in slapdash product development and rushed delivery on the one hand, or infinite delays in pursuit of a perfect implementation on the other. Instead, I want both to get a piece of software live and also to improve it continuously after launch. Shipping is a feature—and so is excellence.