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Started learning computers in 1985 on an 8086 Tandy 1000, complete with dual 5.25" floppies and whopping 640kB RAM upgrade. Spent countless hours typing in code from Compute! magazine. Began experimenting with electronics around this time also. Overclocked the 8086 to 5.6MHz! 286, 386, 486, 586... built and ran all of them. While other kids were riding big-wheels and jumping in mud puddles, I was given the wiring harness from an AMC van with all the lights, buzzers, switches, ignition, etc. Tore apart my first TV at age 9. Was teacher's pet in highschool electronics elective classes. Have loved both computers and electronics ever since. Studied EE/CS in college.

Today I repair industrial electronics full-time and sometimes teach CS/EE part-time at a local college. I like to code in Assembler, C, and Python, and build electronic devices from scratch utilizing PIC microcontrollers in the analog, digital, and RF domains.

Some noteworthy projects might include: 24V blink-less dimmable-to-zero LED lighting, 6-channel mono audio over wideband (companded) RF link, ultralight aviation precision temperature/humidity instrument (vario), pump room Wi-Fi (battery-backed) alarm and data logger, low-bandwidth security-sector 3G M2M cellular modem, etc.

Really considering creating a YouTube channel on Electronics Engineering. Currently building an electronics workbench from 40mm aluminum extrusions. Also building a 1.5x1.0x0.3 meter CNC mill (to cut the laminated panels going into the bench...) Never a dull moment!

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