For example, that wonderful feeling you get when you have been camping for three nights without a shower. Or when pulling apart and eating a crab with your hands. Or when you stand out in the rain on purpose.

I'm looking for a word that has a similar vibe to "hedonism", "debauchery", but with less sexual connotations and more emphasis on actual dirt. "Carefree" or "primal" would usually fit in this context, but not precisely.


to wallow TFD

to roll about or lie in water, mud, dust, etc., as for refreshment to indulge oneself; luxuriate; revel


A single word to describe a wide range of activities usually not considered genteel? I would say "fun". Doesn't have a specific application to "dirt" but neither does "pulling apart and eating a crab with your hands" or at least I hope dirt isn't involved in this specific activity.

All the examples that you gave are what I consider "fun".

But I think the phrase "like a pig in mud" is closer to the true feeling of participating in the example activities you mentioned.

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