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Someone is so fat they cant bend down to pick up a bag of food that lies at their feet and then as a result end up dying of starvation

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    Your example is also tasteless in the extreme, needlessly hurtful to people who struggle with their weight, and somewhat ridiculous from a medical point of view. It's also likely in breach of our Code of Conduct - I recommend you edit your post to use a different example. – Chappo Mar 23 at 5:02
  • I didnt mean to be rude or offend! After looking up the definition me and a friend of mine were still in disagreement on the example. – Tyler C Mar 23 at 5:36
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  • A better example is the old story of the donkey halfway between two sources of food, who starved because he couldn't decide which to go for first. – Kate Bunting Mar 23 at 8:59

Sure, I think your example is ironic:

a situation in which something which was intended to have a particular result has the opposite or a very different result

Source: Cambridge

Ironies can also be funny. In your case, one might think that a person who is hungry can pick up a bag of food on the floor and feed themselves. But in your story, the opposite happened: the fat person ended up dying of starvation. (This can be a kind of dark humor!)

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