I saw this sentence in NCIS tv series :

The night is young. Let's get faded

what does this mean? night is young and let's get faded


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    It’s a US slang term Urban Dictionary can often be a good place to look for slang meanings, but be careful: there’s a lot of nonsense on there as well. In this case, though, the second definition is spot on. Mar 11 '19 at 21:48

night is young is an old idiom, Google Ngram has occurrences back to 1804. It means that it's early in the evening, although it's often used facetiously when it's getting late, but the speaker doesn't want to end the evening's activities. Wiktionary defines it as:

It's not very late (at night) and there's plenty of time.

faded is more recent slang meaning high on marijuana.

So the sentence you quoted is saying that it's not too late to get stoned.

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