Trying to get the idea from the sentence.

What I am saying is these are only differences of degree and not of kind, as in labelling a minority as religious or political or social.

What is the meaning of "differences of degree and not of kind"?

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The meaning behind this would be that the differences are not of sort, type, or style, but of level, stage, or class.

Basically, 'degree' and 'kind' are generalizing words for different types of other words.

  • Cats, dogs, and mice are kinds of animals.
  • And first-, second-, and third-degree burns are degrees of burns.

To differentiate things by kind would mean to contrast or compare them.

Differentiating by degree would mean comparing things within a group of the same things, but on different stages/levels.


A difference of degree is a difference of magnitude, between two things that are otherwise of the same type. The difference between a small dog and a large dog is one of degree. So is the difference between a light tap and a heavy blow. A difference of kind is a difference of type or category. The difference between a dog and a cat is a difference of kind. If you are quoting from the Sashi Kumar interview on India Abroad, then he is saying that attacks in India on political, ethnic, caste, or religious minorities are all the same kind of thing, and not different in nature.

degree noun (AMOUNT) ​ (an) amount or level of something

kind noun a group with similar characteristics, or a particular type



All kinds of virtues (honesty, kindness, compassion, loyalty, morality) and vices (kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mad and matsara) are present in the humans, the difference lies in the extent or the degree of these virtues and vices.

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