Looking for a word or phrase for a feeling of being 'transported' somewhere, particularly when listening to music, but that doesn't necessarily describe the emotions of happiness or sadness.

I've considered 'melancholic', but it is related to sadness.

I've considered 'uplifting', 'enraptured', and 'euphoric' but those are related to joy or happiness.

The closest I've come is to 'transcendent'. But that seems to describe some kind of transportation across planes of existences, not some other physical location.


  • "Wow, when I listen to ~insert electronic song~, it feels like I'm on Mars"


  • "That song makes me feel as if I'm driving down a forest road while it's snowing"


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Why not transportive? You could say, “This music has a transportive quality about it” or something along those lines.

This works well because one of the definitions of transport is “to carry away with strong and often intensely pleasant emotion.” (See definition 2.)

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