It don't feel happy with the sentence

I busied myself with the tasks around the home.

I would prefer

I ____ [with] the tasks around the home.

where ___ represents one word. "Occupied/concerned/engrossed myself" are similar constructions that come to mind, but are all still two words, and are especially unsatisfying because of the sneaky reflexiveness going on.

I feel like there's a word for "busied myself" that is right on the tip of my tongue. What is it?

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    I turned to the tasks around the house. – deadrat Sep 14 '16 at 2:30

"I turned to" is good. Here are a couple more ideas:

I got busy with the laundry.

I took care of some housework.

But frankly I'm having trouble producing more candidates, only because it's hard for me to imagine being engrossed by housework. If we replace housework with something more interesting, let's see what we can come up with:

I buried myself in a good book.

But you don't want a reflexive verb. Hmm.

I warmed to listening to bible quotations.

I focused on getting through my homework.

I concentrated on preparing for tomorrow's lecture.

I got involved in helping my son collect his soccer gear.

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