Harish Kayarohanam
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✔ 6+ years of diverse technology experience

✔ Full stack developer

✔ Worked directly with Customers and Product managers on requirement collection, product demos feedback and customer issues

✔ Architect-ed, designed and developed adhoc software solutions working closely with Solution Architects.

More About Me:

Engineer who never says 'NO':


In general I am a generic problem solver. I am not restricted by or confined to any technology and language. Ideas and their implementation matter to me more. I take a problem and then choose the right technology to solve it. I am an Engineer who never says 'No' to solving any problem I am confronted with.

As a testimony to the above statements I have worked on a number of areas. I have worked on a variety of areas like Full stack development, Large scale data processing using hadoop and Spark, Data visualization, Natural Language Understanding to find the intent behind the user queries, Cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services, High tolerance Message transmission between systems and lots of Integrations.

Beyond being a Engineer / Developer


Beyond being an Engineer, I would like to understand the motive and ultimate goal of the piece I work on and tailor my solutions accordingly. I believe that, more than just developing solutions it is very important that it reaches the target audience. I would like to ensure that it reaches the target audience in the right form and they love it and it touches their hearts. I make this possible by working closely with Product Managers and Customers to get the actual feel of what they actually love to have.

Beyond Giving what is wanted


Apart from giving what is wanted, I also like to showcase my new ideas as I believe that there are a lot of things that customers have not thought about, but still they would love to have.

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