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Tom Fenech
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Co-founder and Front-end Lead Full-stack/DevOps/doer of things at Nearby Computing. Continuing to work with and , now in a microservices environment. Recent convert to , which we use for our API Gateway and , which we use for CI.

Previously working at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center somewhere between front-end engineer and data scientist, creating interactive data visualisations using with and .

Before that I worked as a full stack web developer for Bluewire Technologies. Working with on the server and a mixture of and on the client. Using a mixture of client-side frameworks, including and . Also doing some separate work with , using my knowledge of acquired through designing and maintaining a few websites in my free time.

Before that I was at the University of Bristol, where I was studying for a PhD in Physics. In my research I worked with / to perform GPU simulations of nematic liquid crystals, using and to process my simulation data, to make graphs and to create 3D visualisations with .

As a Slackware Linux user I ain't afraid of no . I'm most familiar with , which is one of the tags I tend to answer most questions on here.

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