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208 votes

Why is Nike pronounced "naikee" and not "naik"?

161 votes

What do you call a child for whom you act as a guardian / custodian?

77 votes

Historically, did "Oh my Gosh" originate as an anti-God expression?

69 votes

"Their hunt the roast vegetable sauce": can you parse this?

62 votes

What is the word for a person who destroys monuments?

49 votes

Idiom request: an unacceptable amount of effort

47 votes

What do 'flat-chested' and 'unromantic' mean when speaking of a house?

42 votes

Mimsy were the Borogoves - why is "mimsy" an adjective?

41 votes

Why do they not say "The Baby"

37 votes

Is the word "repeat" really used as a synonym of "vomit"?

37 votes

Why is the singular "dress" used in "all wearing traditional dress"?

34 votes

“I am fourteen past”

29 votes

Why never enter a man’s room in months ending in ‘R’?

28 votes

What do you call the art of 'proper' bearing? (French 'maintien')

26 votes

Time of day between morning and noon

23 votes

Is there a word to imply 'used to be beautiful'?

21 votes

English word for this type of clothes?

19 votes

What do "former" and "latter" refer to, here?

18 votes

What term is used for the type of music that evokes a strong picture?

17 votes

Is there any difference between "congenial" and "genial"?

16 votes

Does the book title "The Art of XYZ" imply doing XYZ is an art, requiring creative skill?

16 votes

Is "The good food keeps us healthy and adds pleasure to our lives." grammatically correct?

15 votes

'An engagement tablet' -- What is it?

15 votes

Does "until now" always imply that the action is finished?

14 votes

Original meaning of "I now pronounce you man and wife"

14 votes

“Mango” or “mango tree”?

14 votes

Ad­dress­ing boys and girls dif­fer­ently in (Vic­to­rian?) English schools

13 votes

Can "to seed" and "to sow" be used interchangeably?

12 votes

Is there an antonym for the verb 'besiege'?

12 votes

Detailed explanation: what is "dayspring"?

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